Personal website of Evi Starida

Here is a sample of my work. I try to refresh my portfolio to always display my best and most expressive work. There are projects that have not yet been uploaed or are under preparation but I will upload these soon.

  • Web Templates

    A selection of websites and web templates. The perfect site for you and your users. Nothing more and nothing less. The way it should be with attension to detail.

    website and template samples  - EScreations
  • Corporate Branding

    A brand identity is very important. A strong brand identity makes your company memorable in the eyes of the consumer and generates interest in your products.

    Corporate Branding samples  - EScreations
  • Logo Design

    Your company logo forms the first impression of your company. This is why logo design should be strong and balanced without clutter to distract from its message.

    logo design samples - EScreations
  • Advertisements

    The primary objective of advertising is to get the word out that you have something exciting to offer. Get noted with smart advertising campaings.

    Advertisements samples - EScreations
  • Newsletters

    Newsletter design is an important part of digital marketing. Smart design and appealing presentation can make a bussines increase its customer base and revenue.

    Print work samples - EScreations
  • Custom

    Custom design projects for online and offline marketing, product designs, promotional stuff, magazine layouts and all sorts of ideas put on paper.

    custom samples - EScreations

Another small sample is availiable here: EviStar Creations