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A website is simply a collection of coded pages that visitors arrive on in order to receive information from your company. In this way a website is a sales tool and need to offer value to your business. A good website offers a route to market for your information (and products) directly and quickly. A successful website takes time and investment. Start small, be flexible and grow with your success. I design modern, flexible and user-friendly websites covering any special details a business would need.

  • Royal Resort Beach Hotel

    Responsive website template for the imaginary beach hotel Royal Resort in Grand Canaria. Modern design, user-friendly optimization and luxurius touch fitted for a royal resort.

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    Royal Resort

  • Perilane Co.

    This website was based on HTML5 and CSS3 template and was converted into a custom WordPress theme (version 4.8). It was bulid with Bootstrap and is quite colorful.

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    Perilane Co.


    Just a simple example of the Bootstrap framework with a main theme about hipster culture. Based on an online web course I took. Minimal black and white template.

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  • Tie The Knot

    A Wedding Planner website template, modern and elegant. Made with Bootstrap. A nice solution for wedding agencies. Can be converted to a WordPress Theme.

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    Tie The Knot

  • Enter to Win

    Landing page for a fictional online competition == Enter to win == based on Bootstrap 4 framework. It is an example of a single page website.

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    Enter to win

  • Cute Dog Club

    Cute Dog Club webpage because we all love puppies and want them in our life! Featuring dogs, barks and paws. Made with Bootstrap and puppy love.

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    Cute Dog Club

  • FrontEnd Academy Project

    This website was part of a FrontEnd Development bootcamp I joined in May 2017. It is simple HTML5 and CSS3 and was later on made responsive.

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    HTML & CSS

  • DoctorsNet

    A simple blue themed website about Doctor Services. Made with Bootstrap, featuring animations and other cool stuff! Can be converted to a WordPress Theme.

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  • Xilotexni

    Website for Xilotexni, a technical construction company operating in the field of wooden and ecological construction with application range of wooden stairs and floors to wooden houses.

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  • Brookers Estate Co.

    Responsive website template for the imaginary real estate company Brookers Estate Co, with proper information display as expected in a real estate firm.

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    Brookers Estate Co

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